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What will happen with reform

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 Realizing work style reform means that everyone can work better, right?

 Yeah. As I saw earlier, the nation is trying to make everyone work better.
So what is the impact of work style reform on society?

 In the first place, work style reform was triggered by the emergence of problems such as overwork death. That, of course, makes it easier for people who find it hard to work.

 Certainly. Then you may feel less frustrated at work and less pressure from power harassment and your boss.

 Oh, I see.

 Let's think together!

What is changed by work style reform

1,Reduce individual burden

 We believe that such a burden will be reduced if we can work better through work style reforms.

  1.   Solving stress and mental problems
  2.   Working hours are reduced and your time is increased
  4.   Being healthy because you can secure sleep time

 In a questionnaire on work styles, some responded that was happy because working style reforms reduced stress. Work style reform is expected to have a positive effect on the mind.
A survey showed that Nine respondents said that they spend the most time with their family on holidays. As you spend more time with your family and yourself, you'll end up with better ideas in terms of work.
Taking time to sleep reduces the burden on the body and allows you to work in good condition be connected. If you do that, you will be able to work effectively in terms of work.

2,Work efficiency

 We thought that going to a company that actually had a distinctive internal system would have a positive effect if work became more efficient.

  1.   You can focus on your work without waste
  2.   I can work more actively, so my skills improve

 When I visited the company, I realized that I was able to focus more on my work by eliminating waste . A job that only you can do is required by the company. I thought that working style reform is one way to create an environment where you can concentrate on the work you want to do.
 The idea should be created when your condition is better than. I think work style reform will have a huge effect when trying to launch a new business.

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