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Questionnaire for students

 Up to the previous page, we have looked at the characteristic internal systems of some companies. From this page, let's think about work style reform from the viewpoint of individuals such as workers.

1,Survey on awareness of work style reform

 A questionnaire on work style reforms was given to junior high school students (the number of respondents: 167) at Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior High School (hereinafter referred to as Shibashiba) to which we attend, and the following results were obtained. (Conducted through Google Classroom with Google Form)

Question 1,Do you know the word "work style reform"?

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 Nearly 90% of respondents said they knew, and it seems that the word "workplace reform" itself has become widespread.

 However, when asked about what kind of work-style reform is, about 40% of all survey respondents answered " Restrict long working hours " . The next highest percentage was 10% for " Improving the working environment " and " Correcting overwork death ".

 Certainly, the root of the work-style reforms promoted by the government is such a thing, but there was no answer pointing to a characteristic internal system such as Sansan.
In other words, the commonly known reform is correcting long working hours . At first glance, it seems that the reforms promoted by the country are well-known, but the reforms that are really needed are reforms tailored to individual circumstances . With that in mind, let's listen to the opinions of those who actually work.

Summary of characteristic internal systems
Questionnaire for workers