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The following images were created with reference to the OECD.

Country statistics

Now, we have looked at work style reforms in Japan. What kind of work styles do other countries do?

Country's nameworking time
1America1786 hours
2Canada1708 hours
3Japan1680 hours
4UK1538 hours
5France1520 hours
6Germany1362.6 hours
The left data is number of working time of GermanyFranceUKJapanCanadaAmerica.
If you arrange them in descending order, it will look like the table on the left.
If you think normally, the more hours you work, the higher your productivity will be.

country's nameGDP
1America62742 hours
2Germany53749 hours
3Canada48107 hours
4UK45505 hours
5France45149 hours
6Japan42823 hours

However, in terms of GDP, Japan, which worked third in these six countries, is ranked the worst place .
On the other hand, there are countries where working hours are short but gross domestic product is high.
It is Germany .

Why is Germany so high in GDP despite low working hours? Let's find out why.

Through in-house systems of various companies

Germany's work style reform policy