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  Do you know the meaning of true work style reform? Japanese people have some big problems, for example,「Declining birthrate and aging」and「Lack of workers」. We must solve these ploblems. For that purpose, work style reforms.
 However, the actual reforms arenot necessarily the same as the ideal work style reforms of the country. Also, people who really work through work style reform may not always feel good .
 I will consider what thereal work style reforms people want onthis site. In addition, we will introduce necessary knowledge at that time.

Motivation for site creation

  We are junior high school students now. We have often heard about "Working style reform" by media nowadays. Think carefully,We are going to business men in a little more than 10 years. If this is the case, will this issue be no longer a human resource issue? I came to think so.
 Therefore, when I looked into working style reform a little, the image of working style reform so far changed dramatically. What a work style reform was notjust a reduction in working hours !!

 Therefore, I decided to make this site so that those who become members of society and students can feel this problem more closely.
 If you are interested in reading this text, please watch the introduction video below.

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