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Think from the Japanese national character

 It is natural that the way of working varies from country to country. So why do different working styles vary from country to country? We think that "nationality" is one of the factors. Some are well known in general, but let's revisit here.

1.Shy and Gentle personality

 At a meeting, when I decide on a certain opinion, I disagree with that opinion, but many people agree. In the end, I was scared of the eyes of the majority and hid my own thoughts and agreed. イメージ画像

 As in this example, many Japanese try to be as unobtrusive as possible. Because if you stand out, you may feel jealousy, or you may get countered. There is a tendency for contradiction between real intentions, so when you work, you need to think not only about the opponent's surface feelings, but also their true feelings.

 When you look at the world, you may find that it is better to speak up and ask questions rather than hate prominent remarks. In Japan, very few people ask questions at the end of a lecture. Because you are afraid of being noticeable and care too much about your surroundings. On the other hand, we hear that there are many questions at the end of the lecture abroad. If you think only in Japan, you may be able to have characteristics of Japanese people, but this is not the case in todays global society.

2.There is a fine commitment, high pride

 If you are late for even a minute, you will get angry. I don't want to be angry at that time. イメージ画像
 The current example shows one aspect of the Japanese who is very detailed and meticulous in time, etc., and another aspect of the Japanese people who have a high pride who wants to compare themselves with others and always have an advantage. In particular, things that tend to be compared to myself can lead to concerns about makeup and fashion.

2.Serious and polite

Even if you want time with your family, there is a deadline for work, so if you work overtime or take it home, you will definitely end it. イメージ画像
 Originally in Japan, the mainstream life was that men worked, and women did housework. That's why many men, especially men, are eager to spend less time working and working.
Also, because of his passion for work, the quality of service seems to be high in the world.
Trigger of working style reform

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